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What's in a Name?

People often tell us how they love the name of our business (we do too). It seemed only fitting we share how we landed on The Green Canteen Company as our company's name.

As a family, we mulled over several name options - making lists, marking off the ones we didn't like. Many were punny and didn't reflect our intentions with this company. The title we ultimately agreed upon represents our overall company goals. The color green symbolizes life, nature, renewal and energy and is often associated with growth and harmony. A canteen is a place where people gather refreshments and necessary supplies. The repetition of double Es and rhyming words are just icing on the cake for the language arts' guru of our team.

Cultivating a service business for outdoor adventurers to reconnect and create lasting memories is a great big honor and a whole lot of fun. We have a deep appreciation of all the wonder and beauty nature has to offer. The Green Canteen Company strives to be a helpful resource for those seeking assistance with camping and planning adventures in the great outdoors.

You may notice we don't have camper rentals specifically mentioned in our business name. There's a reason for that. Although we currently focus our company's attention on camper rentals in the Nashville area, we recognize that like most of life's great adventures, our services may grow and evolve over time.

It is our hope that our exploring and fun adventures will inspire and encourage others to plan a trip, enjoy a campfire, take a new path and get lost in adventure.

Happy camping from your friends at The Green Canteen Company

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