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Road Trip Podcasts

Road trips don't have to be torturous and dull. They can be an entertaining part of the adventure you're planning. Maybe you have the perfect playlist prepped for your upcoming trek or maybe you don't mind the sound of kids bickering in the backseat - if that's the case, this post isn't for you. This post is for those searching for some fun, insightful podcasts sure to interest travelers heading out on a road trip.

Our family likes a good mix of music, but when the tunes go stale - we've got some tried and true podcasts we can tune into to pass the time until we reach our destination. Here are our a few of our favorite podcasts to listen to when we hit the road:

Story Pirates - In this series, kids submit their original stories, and Story Pirates adapts these stories into hilarious sketch comedy and musical theater. Comedians, musicians, improvisors and actors perform these stories in highly entertaining ways. They often call the young author of the story and interview them about what inspired their story. We recommend this podcast for families wanting a good laugh fest. It's entertaining for kids and adults.

But Why - But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids is a podcast developed by NPR. This series pulls questions from kids from all over the world and helps explain answers in concise and useful ways. We've enjoyed topics ranging from why do we have bad dreams, why do flamingos stand on one leg and are yawns really contagious. But Why is a great podcast to gain knowledge and promote further conversations on many science related topics.

Peace Out - Maybe the backseat travelers are getting restless and needing some help chilling out. Peace Out is the perfect podcast for relaxation and mindfulness. This guided podcast for kids focuses on visualization and breathing exercises. The stories shared in this series teach mindfulness and self-regulation. Warning: Drivers beware, the narrator's voice is extremely soft and soothing. You may want to tune in once you get to your destination.

Star Talk Radio - Hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson, this podcast deals with space, science and pop culture. Various comics and celebrities cohost this series where listeners can submit questions on the universe to be answered on the show. This entertaining podcast is a great balance of science and humor.

TED Talks: Kids + Family - There are several TED talks surrounding parenting, kids and family. Some are funny, many inspirational, some are geared toward adults, some are geared toward all listeners. Check out the huge menu of podcast topics offered through TED Talks. As parents, we've really enjoyed the content of these podcasts.

Revisionist History - Our favorite best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell develops the stories and narrates each episode of this three season series. His story-telling style presents each topic in a really interesting and thought provoking way. The broad content ranges from historical events to

music to fiction to social injustice. This series is most appealing to the adult audience as some of the content is mature. Our 4th grader has really gotten into the 3rd season listening along with us. It has provided us with a great opportunity to discuss historical events, politics, human rights and pop culture.

Podcasts have been a great tool for us to stay connected on road trips as we all listen in to the same content interjecting our questions, ideas and opinions. It's nice for us to have this activity to enjoy together rather than everyone zoning out on different devices. We'd love to hear what podcasts are your road trip favorites.

Happy road tripping from your friends at The Green Canteen Company!

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