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Our Favorite Road Trip Apps

If we haven't conveyed it well enough yet, we're adventurers. We willingly ( and happily) take long road trips several times a year to explore this big, beautiful land and make new memories together. We've been taking our kids on major road trips since they were babies. At times we feel like pros who have our acts together, other times we think - well, that sure makes for a good story! Regardless, give us a good playlist and the right snacks, and we're ready to get out on the highway. There are several modern conveniences that make our road trips pleasant and leave us smiling when we get to our destination We've compiled our favorite tried and true road trip apps to help you as you prepare for your next big adventure out on the open road.

Things are mighty different these days compared to when we road tripped as kids. Remember the big atlas? Remember sitting in traffic and not exactly knowing where you were going when construction caused an unforeseen detour? So much has changed, friends. With our smart phones at our fingertips, we now have access to useful real-time data to enhance our road tripping experiences. Need a restroom in a hurry? Your phone can help you with that emergency restroom break.. Looking for the best price for gas? There's an app for that, too! Check out the features on some of our favorite road trip apps.

Dark Sky - Needing to plan ahead when packing for your upcoming trip? The Dark Sky weather app provides super helpful up-to-the-minute weather forecasts. It conveniently provides details including when rain will start where you're located, how long you can anticipate it lasting, etc. Dark Sky is known for providing highly detailed forecasts. The push notifications are spot on and helpful when you're out exploring too!

Waze - Hands down, Waze is our family's favorite GPS navigation app. Waze provides users with all sorts of helpful real-time information for routing your road trip. In addition to mapping out your directions, Waze provides useful insight on what's happening on the road you're traveling on including police traps, collisions, potholes, where traffic is at a standstill and stalled cars you may be approaching by using social interaction and feedback from other app users.. This app is a big time saver when traveling in unfamiliar areas.

Gas Buddy - This community-driven platform helps users locate the most affordable gas prices around. Gas Buddy allows you to compare fuel rates at nearby gas stations to help you make an informed decision about where to fill up along the way and save money in the process. Users can even earn points for updating and reporting a station's prices.

Field Trip - Let this app be your guide to locating all the cool, unusual and hidden gems found in the areas you're passing through. Field Trip provides information on local history, places to shop and eat, and the app is customizable.

myPilot - This app affiliated with Pilot and Flying J fuel stations has many enhanced features such as a loyalty rewards program providing items like free coffee, restaurant discounts, & in-store discounts. The app also provides an amenities locator to allow users to find dump stations, propane, etc. as you're planning your route and necessary RV stops.

Yelp - Feeling restless on the road? When you're wanting to stop and grab a meal rather than pulling into the nearest drive thru, Yelp is ready to help. Yelp can provide you with helpful information on regional favorites including hours of operation, menus, locations and diner ratings. In addition to local eateries, the app also lists information on breweries, farmers markets and coffee shops to meet whatever you're craving.

*If you dig into our previous blog posts vault, you'll also find some great podcast suggestions to take a listen to when the road seems to go on forever and you need something to grab your interest.

High fives to all of our fellow road trippers. Exploring the great wide open road is hard to beat.

Happy camping (& road tripping) - from Your Friends at The Green Canteen Company

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