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Camping Experts Interview

We recently had the pleasure of interviewing life-long camping pros: our very own daughters! These two have been camping since they were babies. Initially, their sleeping under the stars experiences were limited to tent camping, but that changed last year when we added our retro campers into the mix. The girls have camped year-round in several states in a variety of campgrounds and state/national parks. These sisters have experienced rustic camping and, more recently, glamping.

M&M: sisters & happy campers

Last week, we sat down with the elementary-age outdoor experts to get their take on the ins and outs of camping. We hope you'll enjoy their perspectives. For the interview, we've kept it simple and labeled the girls M1 & M2.

Where is your favorite place to camp?

M1:Lake Ouachita State Park in Arkansas. The campground is set up along the water and it's easy to bike around there. The water is so crystal clear there. I could ski and swim there all summer long. I also like Imagination Mountain in the Smoky Mountains. There's so much to do there. The people are friendly, there are plenty of activities for kids to do and the campground isn't too big.

M2: I like the Jellystone Campground in Pigeon Forge. They have fun activities going on year-round, and I like that it has a Yogi Bear theme.

Creek Exploring at Montgomery Bell State Park

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

M1: I like geocaching, hiking, kayaking and fishing.

M2: Hmmmm...roasting marshmallows, playing in creeks, biking, kayaking, relaxing in a hammock and skipping rocks are things I like to do.

Chilly Tent Camping at Fall Creek Falls

What's your favorite camp food or camping snacks?

M1: Scrambled eggs and bacon. I also like nachos and roasting marshmallows.

M2: Sausage balls, tacos and s'mores.

What do you like to have in your camping/hiking bag?

M1: Water bottle, a snack like a granola bar, my GoPro to catch cool shots and video to make home movies, hand warmers if it's cold and water shoes incase we come across a stream and want to explore.

M2: Hat, sunglasses, water, and a notebook and pencil, so I can sketch and write poems about what I see while exploring.

What's your favorite thing about camping?

M1: I like to be out in nature, just enjoying the outdoors. It makes me calm and brings me joy.

M2: Relaxing in the sunshine and playing outside.

What do you like most about the campers?

M1: I really like how retro the yellow camper is. It really feels like you've stepped into the past when you're in it. I also like that our campers have heat and air-conditioning and having a restroom is a big plus too when you're camping!

M2: Having a fridge is pretty nice. It's also nice to have running water and a toilet. You can also charge your gear while you're sleeping, that's pretty handy.

Where would you like to camp next?

M1: I'd like to go out west and visit Yellowstone National Park. I've heard a lot about it, and it seems pretty cool.

M2: I want to go to Mount Rushmore. I haven't been anywhere like it. It seems pretty unique.

Skipping Rocks

Fostering their love of time spent outdoors is important to us. Providing them with ample opportunities to use their imaginations and appreciate the beautiful land we live in is high up on our list of priorities. Our intention in spending so much time outdoors is to encourage their independence and self-reliance and promote their understanding of the need for wildlife conservation and preserving our protected lands. Wanderlust is real for our family. We have logged countless miles road tripping, camping and adventuring...we're truly just getting started! Our family is excited to see where our love of adventure will take us next.

Happy Camping from your friends at The Green Canteen Company!

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